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The Bully American Barleywine (2019)

ABV: 10% • IBU: 75

The Bully 2019ABV: 10% • IBU: 75
Specialty Beer • Draft

Our Bully Barleywine was named in honor and memory of our brewer’s beloved bulldog, Titan, and is as special as his sweet boy.

Brewed and aged for a year, this is a very limited release beer, with only 33 bottles from each batch released per year on our “Bully Day” (the last  Saturday in January).  It is also the only day to get this beer on draft in our taproom. Each year a new batch of Bully will be brewed, aged, and released in the same fashion: giving you the opportunity to collect, cellar, and have vertical tastings each year.

Despite its name, a Barleywine is very much a beer, albeit a strong and often intense beer. In fact, it’s one of the strongest styles. Dark amber in color with a vibrant almond colored head, that quickly dissipates, as aromas of licorice, butterscotch and scotch whiskey greet your nose. Moderate carbonation lends to a mild mouthfeel with flavors of oak, caramel, and tobacco. The Bully finishes cleanly, leaving a warming afterglow.

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