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We are located in the MadJax MakerSpace at 514 E Jackson St., Muncie, IN.

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Category: Awesome Pizza

The Hoola Hawaiian

John Tom’s Barbecue Sauce base, three cheese blend, baked ham, bacon, pineapple and chives $9.99

Purple Hippo

Beer infused pizza sauce, three cheese blend, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, black olives, sausage, pepperoni, bacon & Italian seasoning. Pairs great with The Rez IPA$10.99

Crust Punk Deluxe

Garlic aioli, Monterey Jack, Charlie cream ale base, three cheese blend, tomatoes, chicken, steak, bacon, and Italian seasoning. Topped with our house 3 pepper drizzle made with chipotle, habanero, serrano, raspberry and Rainbow Pop.  Pairs great with Rainbow Pop NE Pale Ale. $10.99

Black & Bleu

Garlic aioli base, gorgonzola cheese, steak, carmelized onions, chives and Italian seasoning. Pairs great with The 765 Premium Lager$10.99

The Street Pickle

Ranch dressing, three cheese blend, dill pickles, Italian seasoning & dill. Pairs great with Counterfeit Sasquatch NE IPA$8.99

Bill The Butcher

Beer infused pizza sauce, three cheese blend, pepperoni, bacon, chicken, sausage, ham, steak & Italian seasoning. Pairs great with The Rez IPA$10.99


Three pepper hot sauce base, three cheese blend, jalapeño peppers, banana peppers, pepperoni, crushed red pepper & Italian seasoning. Pairs great with Charlie Cream Ale$9.99

15th & Hoyt

Ranch dressing, three cheese blend, chicken, bacon, tomatoes & Italian seasoning. It’s all good in the neighborhood! Pairs great with The 765 Premium Lager$9.99

Well…It Ain’t No Grill!

Local John Tom’s Original BBQ Sauce, three cheese blend, chicken, bacon, onions & Italian seasoning. Pairs great with Beauty School Dropout American Amber Ale$9.99

Jen’s Mystic Mushroom

Three cheese blend, house mushroom blend, caramelized onions, chives, garlic aioli & Italian seasoning. Pairs great with Rainbow Pop NE Pale Ale$9.99

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