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Wyclef Jean-Claude Van Damme Belgian Amber Ale

ABV: 8.8% • IBU: 68

Wyclef Jean-Claude Van DammeABV: 8.8% • IBU: 68
Specialty Beer • Draft

Moderate malt with toasted bread, nuts, caramel and honey dominate the flavor with spicy and floral notes coming through courtesy of the Belgian yeast and hops. Generous additions of azacca, cashmere and barbe rouge hops make this the perfect transition beer from summer to fall.

About the Style

Spéciale Belge beers are rich and malty, using as many as eight grains, including pale ale malt, Munich and Vienna malts, biscuit malt, wheat malt, and a number of caramel malts. The flavor profile exhibits moderate malt with toasted bread, nuts, caramel and honey. Hopping is relatively low with spicy, herbal and floral character. Light notes of pear and apricot esters are present and the finish is dry with a touch of bitterness.


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