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We are located in the MadJax MakerSpace at 514 E Jackson St., Muncie, IN.

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The Second Scorching Mexicali Stout

ABV: 7.75% • IBU: 40

Second ScorchingABV: 7.75% • IBU: 40
Specialty Beer • Draft

Our collaboration with the band, Cocaine Wolves, who have been rocking the Midwest since 96’.

This powerful stout is made with  dubious amounts of hot chiles, cacao, cinnamon and coffee and will blow your socks off!

About the Style

Beers with the addition of hot pepper juice, oils, or actual peppers, most commonly jalapeño chiles. Hotness can range from a subtle spiciness to palate scorching. Most often, chiles are added to pale ales and light lagers, but the base beer style can vary.


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