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Samurai Dance Party

ABV: 4.75% • IBU:10

Samurai Dance PartyABV: 4.75% • IBU:10
Specialty Beer • Draft

A floral nose leads to a light and effervescent mouthfeel with a mild tartness that cleanses the palate to reveal notes of fresh kiwi.  Live for today, plan for tomorrow, party tonight!

About the Style

A wildly popular and modern American beer style, Fruited Kettle Sours are brewed using the “kettle sour” process, wherein lactobacillus is pitched directly into the kettle to sour the wort. Once the desired PH level (“sourness”) is achieved, the wort is boiled to stop the process (kill off the bacteria) and then hopped and fermented as normal. Fruit (juice, purée, whole, zest, etc.) is then added after primary fermentation or maturation, but some brewers may add fruit during fermentation or barrel-aging too. Color, aroma, flavor, and sourness will differ greatly based on the brewer’s intent, fruits being used, and other ingredients, but many examples share a tart, fruity, crisp, and refreshing experience.

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