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NEW: LiebeKölsch

ABV: 4.3% • IBU: 18

LiebeKölsch– Kölsch                           ABV:4.3%   IBU:18

Originating in Cologne, Germany, the Kölsch style beer is a hybrid beer that possesses qualities of both an ale and a lager. It is both light in color and body  with a bright and crisp finish. It is true love if they look at you like they look at their beer.

About the Style

Very low to no Pils malt aroma. A pleasant, subtle fruit aroma from fermentation (apple, cherry or pear) is acceptable, but not always present. A low noble hop aroma is optional but not out of place (it is present only in a small minority of authentic versions). Some yeasts may give a slight winy or sulfury character (this characteristic is also optional, but not a fault)

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