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BSD American Amber w/Cocoa Nibs

ABV: 6% • IBU:28

BSD w/Cocoa NibsABV: 6% • IBU:28
Specialty Beer • Draft

This roasty and malty beer is an easy drinker! Generous additions of caramel and crystal malts give it a solid body and toasty flavors. Aged on cocoa nibs to give notes of citrus, blueberry and vanilla. Even though this one didn’t make it all the way through school, it’s still a beautiful ale, now with Cocoa!

About the Style

Like most amber beers, American amber ale is named after the golden to amber color this American version of English pale ale exhibits. The color is derived from the use of caramel and crystal malt additions, which are roasted to provide amber beers with the color, body and flavor many beer fans have come to appreciate. Falling under the ale beer type, amber ales ferment at warmer temperatures for what is typically a much shorter amount of time than lager style beers.

Food Pairing

The caramel notes of the American Amber Ale add sweetness to moderately sharp cheddar. And those strong hops? They bring out the tanginess of the cheese.

Thanks to its balanced malt and hop flavors, this style pairs well with all sorts of grilled goodness like burgers, BBQ chicken and sausage (think tailgating!). In fact, this beer style is so versatile, it even goes great with tacos.

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