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Benny Sparkling Ale

ABV: 3.75% • IBU:13

Benny Sparkling AleABV: 3.75% • IBU:13
Specialty Beer • Draft

Pouring a gold-honey color, the off-white head disappears leaving a small halo of bubbles around the glass. The lager-like aroma is balanced with a light fruity character. A beneficent amount of British, Golden Promise malt gives this beer its backbone while Vienna malt provides a hint of breadiness and gives it is wings. The effervescence of moderate-high carbonation is wicking to the tongue and leaves the palate dry and clean. The session quality of this beer and light flavors truly make Benny Charlie’s English cousin!

Food Pairing

The lightly toasty malt notes and spicy, citrusy hops complement sandwiches on the lighter side, like a Tomato and Mozzarella hoagie on French Bread, or Chicken Pesto on Ciabatta.

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