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Five Dots Vanilla Porter

ABV: 6% • IBU: 34

Five DotsABV: 6% • IBU: 34
House Beer • Draft & Cans

A substantial dark beer with complex and flavorful dark malt character that is mellowed by the addition of natural vanilla. A smooth velvety mouthfeel that transitions to a grainy dry finish with only slight bitterness from the roasted malts and low hop additions. Little to no hop flavor or aroma. You can’t rep your neighborhood without your dots!

About the Style

Inspired by the storied English Porter, the American Porter tends to make its own rules. With plenty of innovation and originality brewers in the US have taken this style to a new level, whether it’s highly hopping the brew or adding coffee or chocolate to complement the highly roasted and burnt flavor associated with this type of beer. Some are even barrel aged in bourbon or whiskey barrels. The color could be medium brown to inky black and the range of hop bitterness is also quite wide, but most are balanced. And quite a few easy drinking session Porters can be found as well.

Brewing Info

Five Dots is brewed with American 2 Row barley, Belgian Special B malt, English Crystal malt, and flaked barley with Perle and Cascade hops.

Food Pairing

Pairs well with barbecue, sausages, roasted meats, and chocolate desserts.


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