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1872 German Marzenbeir (Oktoberfest Ale)

ABV: 6.4% • IBU: 22

1872ABV: 6.4.% • IBU: 22
Specialty Beer • Draft & Cans

Traditionally, a dark-colored lager  brewed in March, dubbed Märzen. Slow fermentation  throughout the summer months allows  rich malt flavors to develop. Little to no hop bitterness or aroma .Oans, zwoa, drei, g’suffa! Prost!

About the Style

Märzenbier ranges from dark amber to deep copper in color. It’s a full-bodied lager that’s rich, malty (toasty, bready, biscuity, caramel, roasty), moderately hopped (floral, spicy, herbal), and finishes clean and dry like a good lager should. Alcohol can bite and warm a bit, but overall should be tame.

Historically, Märzens were lagered in caves (stored cold) during the summer and then served in March (hence its name). From 1872 to the 1990s, the style was served at, and widely associated with, Oktoberfest in Munich until the lighter Festbier became popular and adopted as the official Oktoberfestbier. That said, brewers around the world still brew “Oktoberfest” and “Fest” beers that lean toward the Märzen style.


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