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We are located in the MadJax MakerSpace at 514 E Jackson St., Muncie, IN.

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Specialty Beers

NEW: Summer is Tomorrow

ABV: 5.6% • IBU: 30

NEW: Saison DuSean

ABV: 7.4% • IBU: 28

NEW: LiebeKölsch

ABV: 4.3% • IBU: 18

Mad Turkey Amaretto Sour Ale

ABV: 5.0% • IBU: 18

NEW!: Kelpie’s Revenge Wee Heavy Ale

ABV: 8.25% • IBU: 28

Rich and dominant malt flavors are the star of this beer with slight notes of caramel and toffee. A medium bodied beer with a bright mouthfeel. Only a fool would trust a Kelpie this close to water.

NEW!: Crack The Rye West Coast Style Stout

ABV: 8% • IBU: 70

Dark in color with a spiced and earthy character, courtesy of the rye malts. A full bodied stout that balances the citrus and pine notes from hop additions of chinook and amarillo hops. Please tell Lucifer he can’t have this one!

Roscommoner Irish Stout

ABV: 5% • IBU:40

Malty sweetness with a slight  hop bitterness lead to notes of coffee and chocolate. A roasted flavor comes through, courtesy of the roasted barley. It has a sweet nose, with hints of malt that lend to a smooth & creamy drink. Sláinte!

NEW!: Mixtape Serenade Midwest IPA

ABV: 6.5% • IBU: 50

A very well balanced IPA with a backbone of Marris Otter, Pale and Wheat malt. Additions of CTZ, Simcoe, Cashmere, and Amarillo hops add complex notes of pine, resinous and citrus undertones that pair perfectly with the malt sweetness. Like a great mixtape, you start off with a killer and then kick it up a notch and maintain.

NEW!: Fudge Pop Baltic Porter with Cocoa Nibs

ABV: 7.75% • IBU: 28

Baltic Porter is a high alcohol, sweet, robust porter that originated in the Baltic states. Baltic Porter reflects both the character of original British Porters and the character of sweeter,  Russian Imperial Stouts. Notes of sweet toffee and alcohol are present in the aroma, and carry through to flavors of caramelized raisins.

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